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Community, Kindred Spirits, Camaraderie

These are only a few words that were used to describe the recent 25th anniversary Broadwalk.  Attendance included more than 60 Broads, 12 Broadband leaders and a few beloved Bros. Held at Mt. Peale Inn and Animal Sanctuary, Broads traveled from as far as Portland, Maine and Washington, D.C. and stretching west with representation from Nevada City, CA and north from Olympia, Washington, including Broads from states like Arizona and New Mexico, those sandwiched in between. Daily hikes and service work activities were part of the four days along with advocacy projects such as letter writing as well as interviews to capture the many voices as Broads expressed their concerns and strong desire to protect the Greater Canyonlands area.  

Five Charged in Recapture Canyon ATV Ride – Broads supports the BLM’s Lawful Public Process and the Closure of Recapture Canyon to Motorized Access

Recapture_photo_1Federal authorities filed charges against five men for their alleged part in an ATV protest ride in Recapture Canyon in May. San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman, Monte Wells, Shane Marian, Franklin Holliday, and Jay Redd were charged with “operation of off-road vehicles on public lands closed to vehicles” and conspiracy. Read the story in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness (Broads) deeply regrets the actions of the ATV riders who illegally drove into Recapture Canyon in May and expresses full support for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in enforcing the canyon’s closure from motorized use. “Some places deserve to be protected from impacts of motorized vehicles,” said Shelley Silbert, Broads Executive Director. “We would not allow an ATV to drive in our yards, through our churches, or on our sidewalks.  Likewise, this beautiful canyon rich with cultural treasures and sacred to numerous tribal peoples can be enjoyed without damage from motor vehicles.” To read entire press release, click here.

Great_Old_Broads_2014Wilderness 50 Events and Activities

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act!  The celebration of this golden anniversary  is in full swing with more than 400 + events, exhibits and activities highlighting the diverse way Americans value the importance of wilderness, our wild and open spaces. Whether on vacation, taking a cross-country roadtrip, or attending your annual family reunion, it is very likely you can find an event wherever you are and make it part of your summer fun. Check out the new Broadband calendar for Broadband-led events and activities.  For complete event listing, visit Wilderness 50th.

National Parks Free Admission Days remaining in 2014:  September 27 – National Public Lands Day; November 11 – Veterans Day. View this beautiful National Park Service video that explains the Wilderness Act.

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2014 Wild for Wilderness On-Line Auction – November 3-16

Wild for Wilderness On-Line Auction – Our annual Wild for Wilderness On-Line Auction goes live on November 3, 2014, for a little more than two weeks  just in time for holiday shopping and vacation planning for next year. The auction boasts outdoor adventures, gear, vacation stays, clothing, food, books, music, art, jewelry and much, much more. Browse the…